Tuesday, July 27, 2021

A futuristic approach to production

A Innovative Food Products LLP is the manufacturer, exporter and supplier of a premium quality ready to fry snacks from Ahmedabad, Gujarat with the brand name Shareat. Shareat manufactures items like Panipuri, Potato Pellets Chips, Corn Chips, Corn Cone, Jall Balls Kit, Cereal Penne, Cereal Cones.

With one of the finest production lines from Italy, all their products are produced in fully automatic lines where no human intervention is required from raw material feeding till packing. Strict hygienic conditions are ensured and minimal human touch is allowed in the entire production process.

Shareat has an ultra modern laboratory with sophisticated European testing equipment. A testing process is conducted before unloading the raw materials from the truck and only those materials are unloaded which matches the standards of the company. Then again these raw materials are rechecked before being issued for production and various tests are conducted during the different stages of production. Finished goods are rechecked on the basis of taste, texture, size, colour, expansion, oil, moisture content, ash content, microbiological analysis and many more categories before dispatching.

At Shareat, they believe that it is their moral responsibility to ensure the good quality of products as they are made for human consumption.

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